Keep warm this Winter with Spray Foam Insulation by R Lewis & Co. (UK) Ltd

The temperature has plummeted and the winter is creeping up fast, we have reached that time of the year where heating is on full blast in the office. Insulation is essential for businesses to save costs on energy and protect themselves against fire and noise.

Spray Foam Insulation with R Lewis & Co UK LtdSpray Foam Insulation is helping to meet the increasing demands of building efficiency as well as fire resistance performance. R Lewis work with Isothane who are the leading pioneer and manufacturer of polyurethane technology which is used in thermal insulation, waterproofing and rigid foam products. Together, we have helped many businesses and organisations with their Spray Foam Insulation needs.

Whatever the space or area of application that you need, R Lewis can help offer advice and install to the specification required. Whether that be car park soffits, internal surfaces or concrete decks, find out more over at our Spray Foam Insulation page.

We understand that fireproofing your premises is essential for safety and peace of mind, that’s why, upon completion, we will:

  • Produce a record of the R Lewis & Co. (UK) employee who installed the insulation
  • Provide proof of the area the work was carried out in for your records
  • Notify you of the specified system used to protect the area during the time and place of installation
  • Provide drawings and photographic support where necessary
  • Give you the option to have the company’s contact information labelled in the designated area for quick and easy contact.

R Lewis along with Isothane are committed to guaranteeing that both our products and our service achieve the highest standards of quality. This includes both performance and appearance to provide you with the peace of mind, delivered by our experts in the fire protection field.

The temperature is set to get even colder over the next few weeks, so contact us today and let’s get your business warm and fire-protected for the winter!

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We are helping businesses all over Wales and the South West with their Insulation needs.
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