Introducing our Maintenance Application (MAPP)

MAPP screen shotUse of ‘MAPP’

This electronic application system tool assists in clarifying the effectiveness of existing passive fire maintenance contract work.

The application provides a check log for the user to identify where items have not been sufficiently maintained and this will in turn give the client prior information on the areas logged as part of any future contract installation action arrangements.

A data log including users details, date and time is created with a check log facility to produce a full detailed description on the condition of for example each install or compartment area viewed.

The recorded information can be used to identify whether areas have been properly maintained during the contract period. Individual logged area descriptions identified on the MAPP system will also enable the user to update drawings, attach photographic evidence and automatically produce individual survey data logs.’

‘Designed to aid all those responsible for building fire safety this passive fire protection application tool will enable the user to confirm that an external contractor has been maintaining systems to the correct standard when their contracted work is in progress and for sign off on completion.

The electronic application can be included as part of your buildings planned preventative fire maintenance scheme.

For estates, facilities and engineering teams in fact anyone involved in passive fire protection and building maintenance, this approach to on – going safety of occupants and the building they are in, can also be used to identify site specific area conditions prior to the start of new passive fire system installations.

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Click here to download a PDF version of our maintenance application flyer