DIY SOS: The Big Build Comes to Swansea and R Lewis & Co Volunteer to Help


In early September we became aware of requests from the research team working on the TV programme DIY SOS: The Big Build, for trades around the South Wales area to get involved in a project they were doing for Children in Need.

The project was to rebuild the facilities at The Roots Foundation, a charity to support vulnerable young people.

R Lewis & Co is based in the heart of Cardiff and we like to do what we can to get involved in community projects. The project for The Roots Foundation was a massive challenge; a complete rebuild of a facility housing many elements, including office space and independent flats – all in 11 days!

Fire protection is a crucial element of any new build and we were pleased to support this project by donating fire protection products, services and advice.

We were not aware of The Roots Foundation, but after reading more about the charity from this background story issued by the research team, we were determined to get involved:

Emma is a remarkable lady who as a child suffered the most harrowing and traumatic experiences in a short time, and after spending many of her childhood years in foster care, spent her faltering adult steps in a lonely flat with mouldy, wet walls. Determined to help prevent this from happening to other vulnerable people, she became a community care volunteer dedicated to helping others in similar, and sometimes worse situations. With the crucial support from an amazing team, she set up The Roots Foundation Wales charity based in Swansea, to give desperately needed help and support for young people leaving the care system, and embarking on their own lives. Established nearly 7 years ago, the Roots Foundation has spent the last two years in a dilapidated wooden hut. Emma and the team do the best they can for the children who come to them for much needed support, but the lack of space and facilities is making it difficult to provide the one-on-one and group therapy sessions to those who really do need it. Emma is an inspiring individual, and has achieved something extraordinary out of harrowing personal circumstances, but The Roots Foundations charity is now desperate for more space and better facilities to help these local young people with much needed life skills, so they can move into the next stage of their lives with good, solid foundations.

What do they need: Our plan is to completely demolish the existing building before filming begins, and construct a new support centre from scratch in just 11 days, that is spacious and suitable for their specific needs. This will include a large youth club space, therapy room and kitchen for cooking classes. We’ll also make sure that Emma’s team have their own office space, and will include several independent flats for young people leaving care. It’s an ambitious project, and we’re looking for kind hearted tradesmen and suppliers who are willing to be part of the show and donate their time and skills for Children in Need. In return we offer three square meals, lots of fun and the chance to make a difference to the lives of children and their families.




It was an honour to be part of this worthwhile project and we wish Emma and all the team at The Roots Foundation good luck for the future.

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