ICC Fire Protection Project


R. Lewis & Co (UK) Ltd, working closely with our coatings supplier International Paint, set about providing the best system and cost competitive intumescent coatings package for work to be carried out on the prestigious International Conference Centre (ICC) in South Wales.

The project started in January 2018 as an 55,000 m2 intumescent paint project using with International 2060C and Interthane 990, but it soon expanded to cover many other of our fire protection services.

The project was very challenging with environments ranging from C1 to C4 and fire rating ranges from 60 to 120 minutes.


All corrosive category C1 structural steel was coated with Interchar 2060C and due to the length of time during construction phase all steel was coated with Interthane 990. The car park is a C4 environment, the factory primer had failed at points and had to receive mechanical abrasion to all rust spots and erection damage points, spot primed before adding a series of coating’s with Internationals Interchar 2060C, Interguard 269 and finally Interthane 990. Fire ratings 60 and 120 minutes.

R. Lewis have also provided a consistent level of DFT testing and quality control in line with ASFP TGD 11. Not only have these test results been periodically presented to the main contractor but have also been submitted and approved by the client’s independent inspector Hugh O’Neil of Corrosion Solutions NACE 2 Paint inspector.

Three months into the intumescent package R. Lewis & Co (UK) Ltd were then appointed the fire stopping package. The package had originally been split into multiple trades, however, John SISK, the contractor saw the value of using 1 accredited specialist to undertake all of the works with fire ratings ranging from 30 to 120 minutes. Initially the package was to fire stop all block walls and construction joints forming the required compartmentation. As the project progressed R. Lewis were then awarded all penetration work in drywall partitions. Following this, the flexible cavity barriers were then instructed and the installation of passive fire protection products to provide acoustic installation to all wall types.

Not only do R. Lewis test intumescent coatings but we also have a team of internal assessors that test and inspect passive fire stopping to ASFP TGD 17. R. Lewis are unique in this level of QA and while it is not a project requirement all findings are reported back to the client for complete clarity.

The consistently high quality of installations and the professionalism shown on site has ensured that a strong relationship has developed with the site team. This Main Contractor instructed R. Lewis to perform site inspections of all passive fire protection works. The scope has been structured to enable inspection of all passive fire protection elements, with reports provided to the Main Contractor to ensure compliance for project hand over.

The fire stopping package has progressed well and ahead of schedule leading to the opportunity for us to tender for and secure the soffit insulation package. The package was 11,680m2 of PIR board to provide class 0 spread of flame to composite decking.

Serviced Carried Out:

  • Structural steel surface preparation
  • Steel corrosion protection
  • Spray applied intumescent coatings to structural steel
  • Spray applied decorative finish to structural steel
  • Top of block fire stopping
  • Decorative mastic seal to block wall
  • Fire Stopping to all dryline walls, including penetration management
  • Soffit Insulation
  • Independent inspection of all passive fire protection

“I have been so impressed with the fire protection work carried out by R Lewis on our recent ICC Wales project that I have nominated them for the Sisk quality awards.”

Paul Armstrong
Senior Project Manager
John Sisk & Son Ltd