Iconic Tower Upgrade: Show Apartments get a Fire Protection Face Lift – Soffit Lining Protection April 2016


Following instructions from Building Control to the client and in accordance with the current building regulation recommendations; we were asked by Planet Property Development to provide a specification solution that would satisfy the requirements for 120 minutes fire protection to the existing soffit construction of concrete with hollow clay pot formations. Formally offices; these areas were required to be converted to residential show apartments with the requirement for design and construction sign off before other floors could be considered for similar works. Given the sensitive and unusual nature of the building materials involved and the fact that working areas within the building were at high level and adjoining offices were to remain occupied during these installations many technical, environmental and logistical issues needed to be considered.



After looking into several potential options including the use of coatings and board systems, we were able to offer a suitable fire line board specification that our client and Building Control were happy with and the manufacturers could source for us to install. To ensure existing tenants could continue to use connecting rooms and floors and for us to work within this high level environment it was agreed that both normal and out of hours working would be necessary.

With no lift access to transport the materials required, much of the board used had to be physically carried up several stairwells to the floor in question. Layers of high specification board were uplifted over several days ready to complete the two layers of board installation needed to protect a total surface area of 140m2. Working days and nights the site install team were able to provide highly decorative and space saving soffit fire protection to two show apartments with minimal disruption.

As part of our on-going commitment to providing the after sales service and support that our clients expect, we have recently returned to site to ensure that the site team are completely satisfied with the installations R. Lewis provided on their building. We were pleased to find that work is progressing around these soffit installations and that the clients tight building programme and sign off date for these show apartments had been unaffected by this work.