R Lewis “Light Up” UKRO 2018

Every year the United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO) Challenge takes place to celebrate the amazing work of our country’s rescue services. This year it was Cardiff’s turn to play hosts and R Lewis was proud to be a sponsor.

The event, which took place from 27th – 29th September, attracted over 30,000 visitors who enjoyed watching Emergency rescue services teams from across the UK compete against each other. Over the 2-day event, their rescuing skills were pushed to the limit with rigorous tests in real-life rescue situations.

We can be guilty of taking our emergency services for granted and watching them work up close brings home the skill and dedication needed to keep our communities safe.


UKRO R Lewis BannerUKRO Challenge Collage

UKRO also organised an exhibition to run alongside the challenges which provided fire protection organisations with a platform to showcase products and services to the emergency service, industry and members of the public.
We spoke to many people during the day and generated a lot of interest when our name was lit up in lights in the main foyer! We were given the opportunity to play our Fire Barrier Injection System test video which highlights how effective the system is, even under extreme heat conditions. The video created a good talking point, helping people to understand what problems could be encountered with certain types of façade and cladding constructions and how the fire barrier injection system in specific criteria been proven to prevent the passage of fire between ‘cavity- breaks’.

R Lewis Fire barrier video

Click here to see the video yourself and discover more about our Fire Barrier System.