R. Lewis Awarded Intumescent Fire Protection Contract for Prestigious New Bristol Museum

Aerospace Bristol, situated in Hayes Way, is a new £19m museum that will tell the amazing story of Bristol’s world-class aerospace industry and give visitors the chance to step aboard a British icon, Concorde Alpha Foxtrot. Designed, built and tested in Bristol, she was the last Concorde to be built and the last to fly.


With Concorde as its show-stopping centrepiece, Bristol’s newest major attraction will take visitors on a fascinating journey through time and tell an inspirational story of ingenious design, engineering innovation and remarkable social history. The health and safety of museum staff and visitors is of paramount importance and this includes the need for a first-class fire protection solution.

After initial contract negotiations with Kier Construction Ltd Western & Wales and agreeing a suitable environmental fire protection specification for the structural steelwork; R Lewis &  Co were awarded the intumescent fire protection package at Aerospace Bristol.

The original specification called for a water based fire protection system. During discussions with the site management team concerned about the expected site conditions for these treatments, changed the coating specification for a more suitable

solvent based solution. These materials proved to be less susceptible to the programme working periods which took place during another wet spring and damp summer. The cold rolled steel elements on the museums outside cladding also required 2hrs fire protection and the client wanted to maintain the hanger aesthetic for this prestigious building.

R. Lewis & Co (UK) Ltd were able to engineer a passive fire protection solution to coat the cold rolled members. The cold rolled steel detail brought together three different divisions of R. Lewis & Co (UK) Ltd; the Hydrocarbon Coatings Division, the Passive Fire and the Engineering and Detailing teams. Working together with our supplier partners and their technical department, the Carboline Company, we were able to approve and certify the final coating applications that have now been completed at site. Providing conformity with performance has enabled the client to deliver the desired life safety requirements while maintaining the museums specified aesthetic.

Working closely with Kier Construction Ltd Western & Wales within controlled working conditions, R. Lewis on-site coating teams have been able to achieve successful spray applications that provide both one and two hour’s fire protection to exposed hollow and ‘H’ section steelwork for this building.

Subsequently Kier Bristol requested intumescent coating training support to further assist key members of their construction team focusing on the types of solutions offered at British Aerospace.

Intumescent fire protection is just one of the many expert fire protection services provided by R. Lewis & Co for Construction projects,
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Concorde at Aerospace Bristol