Assisting you at all stages of the build our specification and install team seek to provide the most cost effective, technically viable and efficient air seal and energy saving performance solutions to ensure that the standards required for your building are achieved.

R. Lewis & Co (UK) Ltd work with clients from the design and planning stages, right through to project sign-off and post-build maintenance and after sales; whether you are looking for repair, renovation or new build assistance our services will be delivered to the highest quality and on time.
As a third party accredited company, you will receive full quality assured support from a team of experts working closely with approved suppliers providing the latest in product design and install solutions that are installed to specification.

Using the guidance criteria of BREEAM that measure sustainable value in a series of categories, ranging from energy to ecology; our aim is to support new construction sustainability with air seal improvements through installation of approved products that contribute towards the energy efficiency of designated building zones.

Specific building and service type compliant air seal systems can be installed to provide insulation between internal and external construction compartments to enhance your projects environmental, energy and acoustics performance. These specialist systems can also assist with buildings atmospheric operational and control processes.

Solutions range from spray applied insulation for building linings such as soffits and walls to dry installed rigid and flexible barrier systems for seals required to penetrating mechanical service installations within linear joints and for voids.

During our work and on completion we are able to produce records of who installed, which area the work was carried out in, what regulatory guidance and specifications were used in the area and when the work was done. Each installation area can be physically identified through this electronic data recording process with detailed drawings and photographic support available. You may also want to consider utilising our company’s contact information label that can be used on site.

This scheme allows you to deal with future work effecting installations or maintenance of existing systems, using the contact details provided on the company label.

If you need any assistance or would like to find out more about this service or any additional support available through the company after sales to include training schemes, engineering, consultancy, site installations, project risk review and maintenance regimes then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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