Introducing our Maintenance Application (MAPP)

MAPP screen shotUse of ‘MAPP’

This electronic application system tool assists in clarifying the effectiveness of existing passive fire maintenance contract work.

The application provides a check log for the user to identify where items have not been sufficiently maintained and this will in turn give the client prior information on the areas logged as part of any future contract installation action arrangements.

A data log including users details, date and time is created with a check log facility to produce a full detailed description on the condition of for example each install or compartment area viewed.

The recorded information can be used to identify whether areas have been properly maintained during the contract period. Individual logged area descriptions identified on the MAPP system will also enable the user to update drawings, attach photographic evidence and automatically produce individual survey data logs.’

‘Designed to aid all those responsible for building fire safety this passive fire protection application tool will enable the user to confirm that an external contractor has been maintaining systems to the correct standard when their contracted work is in progress and for sign off on completion.

The electronic application can be included as part of your buildings planned preventative fire maintenance scheme.

For estates, facilities and engineering teams in fact anyone involved in passive fire protection and building maintenance, this approach to on – going safety of occupants and the building they are in, can also be used to identify site specific area conditions prior to the start of new passive fire system installations.

To discuss your needs in more detail or to book a trial run period,
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External Cladding Façade with Multiple Floor Fire Break Requirement

Cladding Fire Break Design

Cladding Fire Break Design

The client required a solution to upgrade each floor level ‘break’ behind the existing external cladding. With many difficult site considerations to overcome including the possible removal of existing high rise cladding and the significant cost implications of doing so, we set about reviewing the alternatives. After several weeks of on site testing and ad hoc tests carried out at our in house facility on the proposed solutions, the final proposal was approved by the client and independently fire tested. The system achieved the 30 minute protection level required for this detail.

Below are a selection of images and videos from the testing process carried out at the BRE test centre on 18th January 2018.

What you see is an ‘external’ vertical cladding façade built on two sides to represent three floors of a corner building detail constructed in front of and against an access stairwell.

Not visible but installed within the construction at each floor level (marked by the dark horizontal dotted lines (to identify each floor level)) is the proposed new cavity fire break system.

 Cladding Wall Fire Break Test Construction

Cladding Wall Fire Break Test Construction

It ran for a total of 60 minutes (30 minute fire test requirement, test was continued for a further 30 mins before cold water hose stream applied (to put the fire out)!

The test was carried out to establish if the ‘new’ fire break detail installed at each floor level maintained its integrity for the required period or not; assessing heat rise and flame spread / smoke emissions during the test.

We hope to use test result data (pending issue of certified test data) to allow our client’s cladding to be reinstated with this our newly tested cavity fire break detail installed behind the cladding walls at each floor level (as shown in this test rig construction and briefly described here).

Cladding detail for test construction
Cladding Wall Fire Break Test Rig


External Cladding Façade with Multiple Floor Fire Break Requirement

If you are looking for a certified and cost effective site specific solution and need assistance,
please contact our technical department at any time by emailing 

Click here to download a PDF version of fire break injection system flyer 


Linear Deflection Detail at Internal Escape Route Compartment Wall Heads

With no deflection detail at the dry wall head construction, a detail specific joint seal installation was site trialed in a finished and live building environment, subject to test data the client approved the methodology. This system was then fire tested at Exova Warrington Fire facility and found to perform as required for 120 minutes protection.

If you are looking for a certified and cost effective site specific solution and need assistance,
please contact our technical department at any time by emailing 

Dry Wall Head Deflection Detail 2hrs web

High Rise Edge of Wall and Slab Protection at Apartment Units

Vertical Edge of Wall Test 120 mins With no protection at this construction detail between occupied accommodation units and with limited access, a fire rated ceramic curtain installation was proposed; this detail was then fire tested and found to perform as required for 120 minutes. The resulting method was certified for use and installed on site with minimal disruption to the client’s occupants and internal décor.


If you are looking for a certified and cost effective site specific solution and need assistance,
please contact our technical department at any time by emailing

Compartment and Purlin Protection 120 mins (vertical edge of wall test detail)

R. Lewis Awarded Intumescent Fire Protection Contract for Prestigious New Bristol Museum

Aerospace Bristol, situated in Hayes Way, is a new £19m museum that will tell the amazing story of Bristol’s world-class aerospace industry and give visitors the chance to step aboard a British icon, Concorde Alpha Foxtrot. Designed, built and tested in Bristol, she was the last Concorde to be built and the last to fly.


With Concorde as its show-stopping centrepiece, Bristol’s newest major attraction will take visitors on a fascinating journey through time and tell an inspirational story of ingenious design, engineering innovation and remarkable social history. The health and safety of museum staff and visitors is of paramount importance and this includes the need for a first-class fire protection solution.

After initial contract negotiations with Kier Construction Ltd Western & Wales and agreeing a suitable environmental fire protection specification for the structural steelwork; R Lewis &  Co were awarded the intumescent fire protection package at Aerospace Bristol.

The original specification called for a water based fire protection system. During discussions with the site management team concerned about the expected site conditions for these treatments, changed the coating specification for a more suitable

solvent based solution. These materials proved to be less susceptible to the programme working periods which took place during another wet spring and damp summer. The cold rolled steel elements on the museums outside cladding also required 2hrs fire protection and the client wanted to maintain the hanger aesthetic for this prestigious building.

R. Lewis & Co (UK) Ltd were able to engineer a passive fire protection solution to coat the cold rolled members. The cold rolled steel detail brought together three different divisions of R. Lewis & Co (UK) Ltd; the Hydrocarbon Coatings Division, the Passive Fire and the Engineering and Detailing teams. Working together with our supplier partners and their technical department, the Carboline Company, we were able to approve and certify the final coating applications that have now been completed at site. Providing conformity with performance has enabled the client to deliver the desired life safety requirements while maintaining the museums specified aesthetic.

Working closely with Kier Construction Ltd Western & Wales within controlled working conditions, R. Lewis on-site coating teams have been able to achieve successful spray applications that provide both one and two hour’s fire protection to exposed hollow and ‘H’ section steelwork for this building.

Subsequently Kier Bristol requested intumescent coating training support to further assist key members of their construction team focusing on the types of solutions offered at British Aerospace.

Intumescent fire protection is just one of the many expert fire protection services provided by R. Lewis & Co for Construction projects,
please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.

Concorde at Aerospace Bristol

New Services Announced!

We are continually developing as a business, in response to new technologies and the needs of our clients.

We are pleased to announce that we have added two new services to our portfolio:

Fine finish paint serviceFine Finish, Refurb, Repair and Respray
For improved substrate quality, performance and aesthetics

For the protection of timber surfaces, structural steel-work, single engineered components, construction linings, fire door or server room build constructions; our specialist on site and in house (off -site) protection and site support teams working with the latest technical information, material solutions and process equipment will provide you with full support during all aspects of your design, specification, application and project completion requirements.

Visit the Fine Finish, Refurb, Repair and Respray service page for more information or download our flyer.



Specialist Component & Fuel Fire Protection
For hydrocarbon and cellulosic fire performance

R. Lewis and Co (UK) Limited can support you with all your Hydrocarbon and Cellulosic Fire Performance requirements. Working closely with our key supply chain partners and as an independent 3rd party accredited company, R. Lewis and Co (UK) Limited are a nationally recognised specialist contractor in the fire protection and coatings industries. Our aim is to provide you with the most cost effective, efficient and technically supported preparation, protection and long-term performance to substrate services.

Visit the Specialist Component & Fuel Fire Protection service page for more information or download our flyer.


If you have any questions about these new services, or any of our other fire protection services, please get in touch.


DIY SOS: The Big Build Comes to Swansea and R Lewis & Co Volunteer to Help

In early September we became aware of requests from the research team working on the TV programme DIY SOS: The Big Build, for trades around the South Wales area to get involved in a project they were doing for Children in Need.

The project was to rebuild the facilities at The Roots Foundation, a charity to support vulnerable young people.

R Lewis & Co is based in the heart of Cardiff and we like to do what we can to get involved in community projects. The project for The Roots Foundation was a massive challenge; a complete rebuild of a facility housing many elements, including office space and independent flats – all in 11 days!

Fire protection is a crucial element of any new build and we were pleased to support this project by donating fire protection products, services and advice.

We were not aware of The Roots Foundation, but after reading more about the charity from this background story issued by the research team, we were determined to get involved:

Emma is a remarkable lady who as a child suffered the most harrowing and traumatic experiences in a short time, and after spending many of her childhood years in foster care, spent her faltering adult steps in a lonely flat with mouldy, wet walls. Determined to help prevent this from happening to other vulnerable people, she became a community care volunteer dedicated to helping others in similar, and sometimes worse situations. With the crucial support from an amazing team, she set up The Roots Foundation Wales charity based in Swansea, to give desperately needed help and support for young people leaving the care system, and embarking on their own lives. Established nearly 7 years ago, the Roots Foundation has spent the last two years in a dilapidated wooden hut. Emma and the team do the best they can for the children who come to them for much needed support, but the lack of space and facilities is making it difficult to provide the one-on-one and group therapy sessions to those who really do need it. Emma is an inspiring individual, and has achieved something extraordinary out of harrowing personal circumstances, but The Roots Foundations charity is now desperate for more space and better facilities to help these local young people with much needed life skills, so they can move into the next stage of their lives with good, solid foundations.

What do they need: Our plan is to completely demolish the existing building before filming begins, and construct a new support centre from scratch in just 11 days, that is spacious and suitable for their specific needs. This will include a large youth club space, therapy room and kitchen for cooking classes. We’ll also make sure that Emma’s team have their own office space, and will include several independent flats for young people leaving care. It’s an ambitious project, and we’re looking for kind hearted tradesmen and suppliers who are willing to be part of the show and donate their time and skills for Children in Need. In return we offer three square meals, lots of fun and the chance to make a difference to the lives of children and their families.


It was an honour to be part of this worthwhile project and we wish Emma and all the team at The Roots Foundation good luck for the future.

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Keep warm this Winter with Spray Foam Insulation by R Lewis & Co. (UK) Ltd

The temperature has plummeted and the winter is creeping up fast, we have reached that time of the year where heating is on full blast in the office. Insulation is essential for businesses to save costs on energy and protect themselves against fire and noise.

Spray Foam Insulation with R Lewis & Co UK LtdSpray Foam Insulation is helping to meet the increasing demands of building efficiency as well as fire resistance performance. R Lewis work with Isothane who are the leading pioneer and manufacturer of polyurethane technology which is used in thermal insulation, waterproofing and rigid foam products. Together, we have helped many businesses and organisations with their Spray Foam Insulation needs.

Whatever the space or area of application that you need, R Lewis can help offer advice and install to the specification required. Whether that be car park soffits, internal surfaces or concrete decks, find out more over at our Spray Foam Insulation page.

We understand that fireproofing your premises is essential for safety and peace of mind, that’s why, upon completion, we will:

  • Produce a record of the R Lewis & Co. (UK) employee who installed the insulation
  • Provide proof of the area the work was carried out in for your records
  • Notify you of the specified system used to protect the area during the time and place of installation
  • Provide drawings and photographic support where necessary
  • Give you the option to have the company’s contact information labelled in the designated area for quick and easy contact.

R Lewis along with Isothane are committed to guaranteeing that both our products and our service achieve the highest standards of quality. This includes both performance and appearance to provide you with the peace of mind, delivered by our experts in the fire protection field.

The temperature is set to get even colder over the next few weeks, so contact us today and let’s get your business warm and fire-protected for the winter!

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We are helping businesses all over Wales and the South West with their Insulation needs.
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Introducing our Full Range of Fire Protection Services

With over 25 years of experience in passive fire protection, we continue to invest in skills and knowledge to improve the overall performance of our UK wide services.

We have now developed a comprehensive range of services for both Construction and maintenance fire protection requirements.

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