Redevelopment of Taff Vale Shopping Centre

Work has started on the redevelopment of the former Taff Vale Shopping Centre in Pontypridd, Wales. The site will become a new library and leisure hub and will also include the new Headquarters for Transport for Wales, with an estimated scheme value of £40 million. Read more>

ICC Fire Protection Project

Lewis & Co (UK) Ltd, working closely with our coatings supplier International Paint, set about providing the best system and cost competitive intumescent coatings package for work to be carried out on the prestigious International Conference Centre (ICC) in South Wales.

The project started in January 2018 as an 55,000 m2 intumescent paint project using with International 2060C and Interthane 990, but it soon expanded to cover many other of our fire protection services. Read more>

Newport Office New Build Protected from Fire

Working in collaboration with the Midas Group, R Lewis and Co (UK) Ltd completed the required specification for fire protection on the steelwork which included sprayed applied coating systems, fire stopping installations for up to 60 minutes and soffit lining works. Read more>