Trained and experienced applicators using dedicated specialist equipment enables us to provide you with a range of substrate protection options; including intumescent treatments to steel and timber, cementitious materials for concrete, spray foam insulation on decks or soffits to building specific environmental and decorative applications that offer versatile efficient solutions applied on and maintained at site.

With the capacity to undertake specialist treatment applications on a single fire door, bespoke components or lining systems to larger scale structural steelwork, concrete and timber packages; your project will be handled and completed to specification with care by our team.

We understand that these coatings must be applied within environmental guidelines to specific thickness rates over compatible or primed substrates with final finish treatments necessary to comply with relevant performance category or period ratings to include corrosion, fire, carbonation, marine and cosmetic protection.

Working with the latest single and two pack coatings technology these materials are applied to carefully prepared surfaces and in suitable conditions, providing the desired performance and quality of finish to individual substrates or complete building structures in internal and external environments.

During these treatments and on completion of coating applications we are able to produce records of who applied, which area the work was carried out in, what specified system was used to protect the area and when the work was done. Each application can be physically identified through this electronic data recording process with detailed drawings and photographic support available. You may also want to consider utilising our company’s contact information label that can be fitted to each section or area on site.

This scheme allows you to deal with future work effecting coated areas or maintenance of existing applications, using the contact details provided on the company label.

If you need any assistance or would like to find out more about this service or any additional support available through the company after sales to include training schemes, fire engineering, consultancy, site installations, project risk review and assessment services then please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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